Valid License Resellers

Below is the list of valid license resellers who bought the Master Resale Right to WPCornerPeelPlugin

Only these resellers can sell you Resale Right License. If you get your resale right license from somewhere else besides these resellers, then you are having a pirate copy and your resale right license is not valid.

NOTE: No one can sell Master Resale Right. It can only be obtained from me. And there are only 50 MRR licenses available. So far, Only 9 8 7 MRR Licenses left. Contact me if you are interested.

Anyway, here are the list of valid license holder who can sell Resale Right.

J LeBeau
Gail Bottomley
Barbara Murphy
Simon Richards
Randy Baustert
Jonathan Lucas and Kathe Lucas
Thomas Skirde
Gene Pimentel
Kevin Baker
Philip or Sean Donahoe
Lionel Brehaut
Mark Hatter or Mark Austin
Paul Allison
Andre Hagestedt
David Perednia
Rhondall Rapoza
Michael Allton
Byron Cato
Heiko Mölcher
Durante Parks
David Perdew
Georgina Gunning
Todd Gross
Jorge Alvarado
Brenda Shapiro
Richard Glover
Michael Costello
Robert Hillard
Julie-ann Hibpshman
John Deck
Mark Sandquist
Mark Farrar
Chris Bloor
Federico Aura
Yaron Ben-Menashe
Zulfikar Nore
Bernard Lamonnier
Robert Montoya
Brian Egerton of Thetawave Limited
Manuel Jose Masavi gil
Dominick Savillo @ The Online Marketplace, LLC

This one reseller had asked for a refund. So he does not hold a valid license. He cannot sell personal use or resale right license to WPCornerpeelplugin.

Mark Hultgren

Note: All valid license holders above will sell you the personal use right too. But if anyone of them found devalue this product, their license will be revoked.

Ken Sar

2 Responses to Valid License Resellers

  1. Brian Egerton says:

    I bought the product over a week ago and the list still hasn’t been updated.

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