Update: Version 2.0 is available now

After releasing this plugin, there are some conflicts that prompt me to get it fixed.

If you are my customers, that mean you purchase the plugin directly from this domain name, then you can expect to get the version 2.0 update today.

If you bought the plugin through one of my valid resellers, you can get the update from them or you can contact me to get the update.

What has been done to improve this plugin:

1. If you use IE, you see that the peel is in square shape. This had been fixed
2. The click on the peel image now will open on new window
3. Peel area had been increase from 328×328 (pixels) to 500×500.
4. Conflict with the plugin been ironed out.
5. Additional IM Peels Graphics included as bonus

Thanks for using this plugin,

Best Wishes,

Ken Sar

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3 Responses to Update: Version 2.0 is available now

  1. Thanks for the new version.

    It would be interesting if in a future the plugin can have a cookie that block the peelup to visitors how have already clicked on it.

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