Demo For Corner Peel Plugin

Watch On The Top Right Hand Corner To See Corner Peel Plugin In Action.

If You Click On The Image, I Set It To Direct To

Try It Yourself…

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16 Responses to Demo For Corner Peel Plugin

  1. Keith Alston says:

    Excellent, it does exactly as it says on the tin :-)

  2. thanks your confirmasi this Demo For Corner Peel Plugin iam is verre interested

  3. Nick says:

    Very good. But can with use on another / change position to left right or bottom right / left ?

    Really interested with your plugins

  4. Zulfikar says:

    The plugin is great but for a few issues.

    1) It blocks content for all boxes but for the “Right Now” in the dashboard!
    2) Dashboard sidebar menu open/close arrow is rendered useless.
    3) It disables the drag and drop of sidebar widgets.

    These issues needs urget addressing in order to maintain the greatness of this plugin.

  5. John says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but is it intended that the Corner Peel is used purely on website home pages or can it be used on emails as well. I am new to this game and any help would be appreciated. The product looks great.

  6. eddie4real says:

    thank ma.

  7. Freda Hill says:

    Isn’t it neat that the ‘Corner Peel Plugin’ shows up on every page in the wordpress site, unlike the olden peel ads that only showed up on the page the code was on!
    I like the plugin on my sites but I need to find out why the peel image is not showing, just like on here. Is there a forum for discussions of possible plugin incompatibilities or bugs somewhere, Ken?

  8. Freda Hill says:

    whoa!!! found my problem, it’s my old browser, it works purrr-fectly in firefox and okay on google chrome! gee, wipe the board, apologies,

  9. I have upload the plugin to my blog and looks great.

    Also it will be useful to have the option of open the URL in the same window or in a new one.

  10. Aloha Ken,

    Kudos to you for your fantastic CornerPeel Plugin,
    Just what I have been looking for!!
    Now I can send visitors, ‘buyers’, who access my promo blogs back to my home page where they can check out even more products they may be interested in.

    AND, ….. what can I say more about your instant Support except,
    ‘You are the BEST!!”

    Thanks again!!

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