Resellers and Customers Beware

I want to take a moment to post this alert…

1. For My resellers out there….

If you grab the MRR or sell RR to this wordpress corner peel plugin, please make sure to change the name on your salespage. I come across quite several site that does not include the name and instead using my name on it.

Here is one of the example site that is not mine and still using my name…

The worst part is that, I don’t know who is this seller. If you know who you are, please make sure to update the salespage with your name and also, please add your name at the bottom of the salespage and add your contact info too.

Without your name and contact info, customers don’t know who you are and tend to not buy from you.

2. For the customers and potential customers

If you see someone selling this plugin on the salespage, without having their name on it or the contact info, please DON’T BUY IT. There seem to be some marketers out there stealing my minisites and put up my name on it, hope to catch a few sales.

On another note, if you are going to buy this plugin from tradebit or any forum, you are getting ILLEGAL copy.

On top of that, if the price is lower than $9.97, then you are getting illegal copy too.

The most important point here is that you are advise to buy it from the trusted resellers listed here

Reason? You will get update from them as I update the plugin.

Those who get the illegal copy won’t get updated from me. Sorry.

So, watch out where you buy it. Make sure it is from those trusted resellers who bought the MRR from me.

Another alert, if you obtain MRR from any sites other than my site, that mean, you are having
an illegal license.

That is all for the update.

Thanks for reading,

Ken Sar

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6 Responses to Resellers and Customers Beware

  1. Greg says:

    Are you aware that reselling GPL software is not illegal? Because, all WordPress plugins that are distributed are required by the GPL copyleft to retain the GPL license on all distributed copies.

    While you’re free and encouraged to make money distributing copies of GPL software. Everyone else is welcome to do the same. That’s the basis of Free software that makes selling your plugin possible.

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